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Jundub came into the Prophet's house and met our Master Muhammad [s]. He was before a man embodying all good manners.


Our Master Muhammad [s] asked his guest:

Where's the man from?

Jundub answered:

From the tribe of Ghifar.

The Prophet [s] asked:

What's your need?

Jundub said:

How shall I become a Muslim?

The Prophet [s] said:

Islam is to say there is no god but Allah and I am Allah's Apostle.

What else?

Avoid doing evil actions. Follow good manners. Stop worshipping the idols. Worship Allah only. Don't waste your money. Don't oppress people.

The young man believed in Allah and His Apostle very much. He said:

I confess that there's no god but Allah and that you're Allah's Apostle. I am satisfied with Allah as my Lord and with you as my Prophet.

At that moment, another great personality was born. It was the personality of the great companion Abu Dhar al-Ghifari whose full name was Jundub bin Junadah.

Abu Dhar stood up and said with enthusiasm:

By Allah, I'll spread Islam.

Before he left the house, Abu Dhar had asked our Master Muhammad [s]:

Who was the young man who showed me your house?

The Prophet [s] answered proudly:

He was my cousin Ali.

Our Master Muhammad [s] advised him:

Abu Dhar, keep your Islam a secret and go back to your homeland.

Abu Dhar realized that Allah's Apostle was worried about him because the Quraish would kill him.

By Allah, I'll spread Islam among the Quraish whatever may be.

In the morning, Abu Dhar set off for Ka'aba, Allah's Holy House. The idols were motionless at their places. Abu Dhar was finding his way while the Quraishi tyrants were thinking about the new religion.

At those moments, a bold yell sounded:

Quraish, I confess that there's no god but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle.

The idols and the hearts of the polytheists shook.

One of the Quraish said loudly:

Who is abusing our gods?

They rushed towards Abu Dhar hitting him a lot, until he was unconscious. Blood flowed out of his body.

Al-Abbas, our Master Muhammad's cousin, came in between and saved him and said:

Woe unto you! Do you want to kill a man who belongs to the tribe of Ghifar? Don't you know that your trading caravans pass by his tribe?

Abu Dhar recovered and went to Zam Zam well. He drank water and washed the blood off his body.

Again Abu Dhar wanted to face the Quraish with his belief. He headed for the Ka'aba. He said loudly:

I confess that there's no god but Allah; there's no partner with him. And I confess that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle.

The Quraish attacked him like a pack of wolves. They hit him a lot. He fell to the ground unconscious and al-Abbas saved him again.



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