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The Migration

The Migration


Days, months and years passed. Our Master Muhammad [s] immigrated from Makkah to Madina. The news reached Abu Dhar and so, he and his tribe went outside the town to receive the Prophet [s] on the road.

In the distance, our Master Muhammad [s] appeared on the back of his she-camel, al-Qaswaa. So, Abu Dhar hurried and took the reins of the she-camel and gave good news:

Allah's Apostle, my brother, my mother and a lot of my tribe have believed in Islam.


Our Master Muhammad [s] became happy when he saw crowds of people. One of them said:

Allah's Apostle, Abu Dhar has taught us what you've taught him. We've believed in Islam and we've confessed that you're Allah's Apostle.

The second half of the tribe of Ghifar believed in Islam, too. Another tribe near the tribe of Ghifar named Aslam came, believed in Islam and confessed:

We confess that there's no god but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle.

Our Master Muhammad [s] said:

May Allah forgive Ghifar; may Allah save Aslam.

Allah's Apostle went on his travel to Madina (Yathrib). Abu Dhar came back to his tribe, some of them asked him:

Has Allah's Apostle told you anything?

Yes, he has ordered me to do seven things.

He has ordered me to love the poor and to approach them. He has ordered me to look to those who are lower than me not to those who are higher than me. He has ordered me to maintain close relations with my relatives even if they turn their backs on me. He has ordered me not to ask anyone anything. He has ordered me to say the truth even if it is bitter. He has ordered me not to fear anyone in Allah's way. And he has ordered me to say often: There's neither might nor power but with Allah, because they're the treasure under the Throne.

Abu Dhar went on guiding and teaching his tribe. He was a model Muslim believer.



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