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Recommend Me!

Recommend Me!

One day, Abu Dhar came into the mosque. He found our Master Muhammad [s] alone. He sat beside him. Our Master Muhammad [s] said:


Abu Dhar, the mosque has greetings. They're two raka'as.

Abu Dhar stood up and said two raka'as. Then he came back and sat beside the Prophet and said:

Allah's Apostle, which act is the best?


To believe in Allah, the Almighty and to strive in His way.

Which believer is most perfect?

The most polite one.

Allah's Apostle, which believer is safest?

He, from whose tongue and hand Muslims are safe.

Allah's Apostle, which immigration is the best?

To immigrate from sins.

Allah's Apostle, which alms is the best?

The alms of the poor.

Allah's Apostle, which verse is the best?

The verse of al-Kursi.

Allah's Apostle, how many are the prophets?

One hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets. Abu Dhar, four prophets are Assyrian. They're: Adam, Sheth, Idrees-the first to write with pen and Noah. And four prophets are Arab. They're Hud, Salih, Shuaib and your Prophet.

Allah's Apostle, how many books has Allah, the Almighty?

One hundred and four books. Fifty scriptures were sent down to Sheth. Thirty scriptures were sent down to Idrees. Ten scriptures were sent down to Ibrahim. Ten scriptures were sent down to Musa before the Torah. The Torah, the Bible, the Zaboor and the Furqaan (Qur'an) were sent down, too.

Allah's Apostle, what were the scriptures of Ibrahim [a]?

They are all proverbs:

"Authorized, hit, conceited King, I've not sent you to put together the things of the world. I've sent you to meet the request of the oppressed. I don't refuse it even if it is unbelievers request."

Allah's Apostle, what about Musa's scriptures?

They're all lessons:

"I wonder at the person who believes in death then he disbelieves.

I wonder at the person who believes in fire then he laughs.

I wonder at the person who believes in predestination then he becomes tired.

I wonder at the person who sees the world and its changes then he trusts it.

And I wonder at the person who believes in the Day of Resurrection then he doesn't act."

Abu Dhar wept humbly and said:

Allah's Apostle, recommend me!

I recommend you to fear Allah, for it is the head of all religion.

Allah's Apostle, increase me!

Read the Holy Qur'an. It is light for you in the earth and remembrance for you in the sky.

Allah's Apostle, increase me!

Love the poor and sit with them.




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