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Be Abu Dhar!

Be Abu Dhar!

The Prophet [s] went on leading the Muslim army across the desert. Some Muslims with weak belief stayed behind and came back to Madina.


Some of them said to our Master Muhammad [s]:

A person has stayed behind.

But Allah's Apostle was always saying:

Leave him. If he does good, Allah will bring him to you.

At the midway, a Muslim said:

Allah's Apostle, Abu Dhar has stayed behind.


So the Prophet [s] said:

Leave him. If he does good, Allah will guide him to you.

The Muslim army went on covering the desert.

Abu Dhar was riding a weak camel. The camel was unable to walk. So, Abu Dhar was gradually staying behind the Muslim army. The camel kneeled. It was unable to walk even a step.

Abu Dhar sat sadly. He was thinking about a way to follow the Prophet [s], then he asked himself some questions:

Shall I go to Madina or shall I go on walking?

But Abu Dhar was not thinking about coming back to Madina. He was a good believer. He loved our Master Muhammad [s]. Therefore, he decided to follow the traces of the Muslim army on foot.

Abu Dhar began covering the hot desert. He used up his food and water. Still he went on walking. His firm belief in Allah and his love for the Prophet [s] were pushing him to do that.

He was thirsty. He saw water in a pit in a rock. He tasted it. As he found it fresh, he wanted to drink some water. But he prevented himself from drinking. He said:

I won't drink till my beloved Allah's Apostle drinks.

He filled his water-skin with water and went on covering the desert on foot.

Abu Dhar was walking day and night to reach the Muslim army.

The Muslims army camped at strategic areas to rest at night. Then it would go on advancing towards Tabook.

When the sun rose on the following day, some Muslims saw a man coming in the distance. They wondered and said to the Prophet [s]:

Allah's Apostle, that man is walking alone.

Our Master Muhammad [s] said:

Be Abu Dhar!

The Muslims were looking carefully. When he came nearer to them, they shouted:

By Allah, he's Abu Dhar!

The Prophet [s] saw the marks of tiredness and thirst on his face. So, he said:

Save him with water because he is thirsty.

But Abu Dhar headed for the Prophet [s] holding the water-skin in order to pour water for Allah's Apostle.

The Prophet [s] asked him:

Abu Dhar, why are you thirsty while you have water?

Abu Dhar said,

Allah's Apostle, I saw rain water in a pit in a rock. I tasted it. It was cool, fresh water, but I said I would not drink till Allah's Apostle drank.

The Prophet [s] said kindly:

Abu Dhar, may Allah have mercy upon you! You'll live alone, die alone and enter Paradise alone. Some Iraqis will be happy on account of you - they'll wash your body, shroud it, pray on it and bury it.



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