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The Prophet's Traditions

The Prophet's Traditions

Our Master Muhammad [s] died. The Muslims were sad. But Abu Dhar was sadder then them. He was loyal to Allah's Apostle. So, he memorized his traditions and made them a lamp to lighten his way.

Abu Dhar deeply believed in Caliphate as he believed in Prophecy. He regarded it as a Divine right. Allah, the Glorified, chose the most worthy ones of his righteous slaves. In the meantime he heard the Prophet [s] saying to Ali:

Ali, don't you accept to be my brother as Harun was Musa's brother, but there will be no prophet after me.


At Ghadeer Khum, Abu Dhar heard the Prophet [s] saying to all Muslims:

He whose leader is I, so Ali is his leader. Allah support him who supports Ali...

And he heard the prophet saying:
Ali is with justice and justicae is with Ali.

We regret that some Muslims had forgotten such traditions when the prophet [s] the Prophet [s] died. While his cousin and regent Ali bin Abu Talib [a] was busy with that disaster, the Muslims held a meeting and elected Abu Bakr.

Many companions opposed that. Salman al-Farsi, about whom the Prophet [s] said: Salman is one of us Ahlul Bait, was one of them.

Abadah bin al-Saamit, Abu al-Haitham al Taihan, Huthaifa, Ammar bin Yasir were of them, too. Fatima al-Zahra, the mistress of all women of the world, was dissatisfied with that. She was angry.

After only few months, Imam Ali [a] was forced to accept Abu Bakr as caliph in the interest of Islam. So, Abu Dhar, the companion, accepted him too.

Abu Dhar was always thinking about the interest of Islam and Muslims. So, he went to the fields of jihad to defend the Muslim government.

In the meantime, the Romans were launching military attacks against the borders of the Muslim State. So Abu Dhar went with many companions to the war fronts to strive for Allah.

The first Caliph was Abu Bakr. The Caliph Umar bin al-Khattab succeeded him. Abu Dhar was in Shaam (Syria). He and his Muslim brothers were striving there.

Umar bin al-Khattab died. The Caliph Uthman succeeded him.

But the third Caliph did not follow the Prophet's and the companions manners. He brought his relatives and appointed them in offices of the government. He began filling their pockets with the Muslims' money. He brought Marwan bin al-Hakam, whom our Master Muhammad [s] dismissed and made him real ruler for the state.

People complained of Uthman's policy. A delegation from Kufa went to the Caliph. They told him that their ruler was always drinking alcohol and that he was always going to the mosque drunk and vomiting in the prayer niche.

But the Caliph did not do anything. Rather, Marwan abused the delegation and dismissed them. Some of the Prophet's companions were with them.

One day Abu Dhar advised Uthman:

At least follow your predecessors' way. So, no one will speak against you.

But Uthman scolded Abu Dhar and said in the presence of the attendees:

Advise me! What shall I do for this lying Shaikh? Shall I hit, imprison, kill or banish him from the land of Islam?

Abu Dhar and the Muslims felt pain. They remembered our Master Muhammad's tradition:

There's no one under the sky or in the earth more truthful than Abu Dhar.

But the Caliph accused Abu Dhar of lying and said:

The lying Shaikh!

Abu Dhar sadly went out of the Caliph's meeting. He remembered what had happened to him for over twenty years. He remembered the day when Allah's Apostle entered the mosque and found him sleeping. He woke him and said:

Never sleep in the mosque again.

Then he said to him:

What will you do if they send you out of the mosque one day?

Abu Dhar said:

I'll go to Shaam, the land of Jihad.

The Prophet [s] said:

If they dismiss you from it?

Abu Dhar said:

I'll come back to the mosque.

Then the Prophet [s] said:
If they send you out of it?

Abu Dhar said:

I'll take my sword and hit them with it.

The Prophet [s] said:

Shall I direct you to a better thing?

Yes, Allah's Apostle.

The Prophet [s] said:

Listen and obey.


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