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To Shaam (Syria)

To Shaam (Syria)

The third Caliph decided to banish Abu Dhar to Shaam. Abu Dhar arrived in Shaam. Mu'awiyah ordered his soldiers to banish him to an area in the southern part of Lebanon, now called Jabal Amil.

Abu Dhar began teaching people the Prophet's traditions and his behaviour. He condemned the rulers' corruption, their oppression towards people, their luxury.

He was always reading Allah's words:

And as for those who hoard gold and silver and so not spend it in Allah's way, announce to them a painful punishment.


Mu'awiyah wanted to tempt Abu Dhar with money to make him keep silent. So, he ordered his soldiers to bring him to Damascus. In the meantime, he sent him a lot of gifts. But the great companion gave them to the poor. Then he was always passing by Mu'awiyah palace and saying:

Allah curse those who enjoy good, but don't apply it. Allah curse those who prevent people from committing abominable actions, but they commit them.

So, Mu'awiyah ordered his guards to arrest Abu Dhar. The guards brought him chained before Mu'awiyah. Mu'awiyah said to him with spite:

Allah's enemy, and enemy of Allah's Apostle, everyday you pass by our palace and shout. I'll ask Amirul Mumineen, Uthman for permission to kill you.

Then Mu'awiyah turned to his guards and said:

Take him to prison.



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