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To Madina

To Madina

Mu'awiyah send the Caliph a letter. In the letter, he told him about Abu Dhar's action and about the gathering of the people around him.


The Caliph ordered Mu'awiyah to send back Abu Dhar to Madina and to mistreat him.

The Muslims heard the news. So, they crowded to see of the companion of Allah's Apostle.


Abu Dhar rode his she-camel. Some rude persons were leading the she-camel. They were not respecting his old age and weakness and this made him tired during his travel.

Abu Dhar arrived in Madina in a bad condition. He went to the Caliph. He was about to fall over the ground because of intense weakness and tiredness.

Abu Dhar said:

Woe unto you! Haven't you seen Allah's Apostle? Are your actions like his? You attack me violently as tyrants do!

Uthman intensely said:

Get out of our homeland.

So, Abu Dhar sadly said:


The Caliph said:

Wherever you want.

Abu Dhar said:

Shall I go to Shaam, the land of Jihad?

Uthman cried:

No! I won't return you to Shaam!

Abu Dhar said:

Shall I go to Iraq?


Shall I go to Egypt?


Abu Dhar said sadly:

So, where shall I go?

To the desert!

Shall I go to Najd desert?

No! to the far-east, to al-Rabathah!

Abu Dhar shouted:

Allah is great! Allah's Apostle was truthful when he told me about that!

Uthman asked:

What did he say to you?

The old companion answered:

He told me that I would be prevented from staying in Makkah and Madina and that I would die in al-Rabathah and that some Iraqis, on their way to al-Hejaz, would bury me.


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