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Al-Rabathah is an area at the eastern part of al-Madina al Munawarra.


Abu Dhar disliked al-Rabathah because he worshipped the idols there during the pre-Islamic period.

Abu Dhar liked Madina because the Prophet's Holy Shrine and Mosque were there. He liked Makkah because Allah's Holy House was there. He liked Shaam because it was the land of Jihad.

Abu Dhar disliked al-Rabathah because it would remind him of worshipping the idols. But the Caliph banished him to that area. In the meantime, the Caliph ordered Marwan to take him and prevent the Muslims from seeing him off.


The Muslims were afraid of the Caliph's power. So, only a few companions saw him off. They were Ali bin Abu Talib [a], his brother Aqeel, al-Hasan and al-Husain (the Prophet's grandsons), and the great companion Ammar bin Yasir.

Imam Ali [a] advanced to see him off. He said:

Abu Dhar, you've become very angry for Allah. The people are worried about their religion, and you are worried about your religion. So, leave what they are worried about in your hands and escape from them with what you're worried about. They're in need of what you've prevented them from. And you're in no need of what they've prevented you from. Tomorrow you'll know who will be the winner. Abu Dhar, nothing amuses you but the truth and nothing annoys you but the untruth.

Aqeel advanced and said:

You know we like you, and you like us. Fear Allah because the fear of Allah is salvation. And be patient because patience is generosity.

The Prophet's grandson, al-Hasan bin Ali advanced and said:

Uncle, be patient till you meet your Prophet [s]. He will be pleased with you.

Al-Husain advanced and said:

Uncle, ask Allah to grant you patience and victory.

While Ammar bin Yasir was in tears, he advanced and said:

May not Allah amuse those who annoy you. And He may not make safe those who have dismayed you. By Allah! If you want their world, they'll make you safe. And if you're pleased with their actions, they'll love you.

Abu Dhar wept and said:

People of the House of Mercy, may Allah have mercy upon you all. When I see you, I remember Allah's Apostle.

Abu Dhar, his wife and his daughter went to al-Rabathah Desert. He was recalling our Master Muhammad's words:

Abu Dhar, may Allah have mercy upon you. You'll live alone, die alone, rise from the dead alone and enter Paradise alone.

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