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On Some Disciplines Concerning Permissibility [ibahah] of Place

On Some Disciplines Concerning Permissibility [ibahah] of Place

Having understood the stages of the place according to his states and existential growths [nasha'at], the salik is to exert his effort, in respect with the cordial disciplines of their permissibility, so that his Salat may come out of the usurping intrusions of the evil Iblis. In the first stage he is to perform the formal disciplines of worship and servitude, and to fulfil his former promises of the world of pre-existence and the Day of Covenant, cutting Satan's intruding hand from the kingdom of his nature, so as to establish amicable relations with the Owner of the House, and his actions [tasarrufat] in the world of nature may not be usurping. Some of the people of good aptitude say that the inner meaning of the noble ayah " O you who believe! Fulfil the obligations. The cattle quadruped are allowed to you," [165] is that allowing the cattle quadruped is conditioned by the fulfillment of the guardianship obligation. Noble hadiths relate that all land is the Imam's, and that other than the Shi'ahs are its usurpers. [166] People of knowledge regard the waliy ul'amr (the religiously legal authority) as the owner of all kingdoms of the existence, and the stages of the visible and the invisible, and regard using them without the Imam's permission to be wrong.

The writer says: The accursed lblis is the enemy of Allah, and his conducts and all the Satanic intrusions in the world of nature are tyrannical and usurping. So, if the wayfarer to Allah could bring himself out of the control of that wicked one, his conduct would be divine, and his place, clothing, food and matrimony would be permissible and clean. And as much as he remains under Satan's control, his permissibilities become less and Satanic polytheism [shirk] will affect them. So, if man's external organs become under Satan's control, they will be Satanic organs, usurping Allah's kingdom, as the seclusion of the invisible powers in the mosque of the body can only be permissible and right when those powers are of the soldiers of Allah, in which case lblis's soldiers will not have the right to intrude into the kingdom of the human body, which is the property of Allah, the Exalted. Having cut the intruding hand of Satan short off the kingdom of the heart, which is the private residence of Allah, and cleared his heart for Allah's manifestation, and excluded other than Allah, such as lblis, from it, the external and internal mosques and the visible and invisible places become permissible for him, and his salats become like those of the people of knowledge, and consequently, the purity of the mosque is realized, too.


[165]. Surah al-Ma'idah: 1.

[166]. Usulul Kafi, vol. 2, p. 266, "Book of the Proof', narratives in ch. "Concerning that All Land is the Imam's"


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