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2-The Attributes Of His Glory & Beauty

We believe that His essence is void of any defect, clean of deficiencies, and adorned with all perfection that may exist. He is mere perfection, or in other word:

any perfection and beauty that may ever exist, has it's source in His Holy ESSENCE.

"Allah is He besides whom there is no other God. The sovereign, the Holy one, the source of peace, the keeper of faith, the Gaurdian of

safety, (the PROTECTOR) and the exalted in might, the IRRESISTIBLE, the SUPREME. Glory to Allah who is above the partners that they attribute to HIM.

He is Allah the creator, the originator, the Bestower of forms. To Him belongs the most beautiful names. Whatever is in the heavens and on the earth give glory to Him, He is Almighty, the Wise one."

THE HOLY QURØ·N - S59: 23 - 24

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