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7-The Miracles

WE BELIEVE that the unity of acts put the emphasis upon this fact that:- the great miracles that

were performed by the prophets were all with the permission of Allah as we read in the Book about the miracles of JESUS CHRIST:

"And remember when Allah said to JESUS; O,JESUS the son of Mary! Recount my favours to you and your mother. I strengthened you with the HOLY SPIRIT, So that you spoke to the people in childhood and in maturity. I taught you the book and wisdom. the law, and the Gospel. And when you made out of clay the figure of a bird and by my permission you breathed into it, and it became a (REAL) bird! And with my permission you healed the borned blinds and lepers. You raised the dead by my leave. I restrained the children of Israel from (HARMING) you when you showed them the clear signs, and the unbelievers among them said,"This is nothing but evident magic."


When Soloman decided to have the throne of Bilqis transported to his court, so as to alter it to a basis of faith and religion of unity, a large powerful JINN, and one of his ministers volunteered to bring the throne


"One who had knowledge of the book said," I will bring it to you in a twinkle of an eye!"

Then when Soloman saw the throne placed in front of him, he said,"This is by the Grace of My Lord, so as to test me if I am grateful or not.

And he who thanks; thanks for the benefit of his own soul, and my Lord is free of all needs."


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