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12-The Phlosophy Of The Prophethood

WE BELIEVE that God has sent a long line of prophets and apostles for the guidance of mankind towards salvation and perfection. If not so; the creation would fail to serve the creator's purpose, and man would be drowned in the whirlpool of aberrations.

(WE SENT THE APOSTLES) Who gave glad "tidings as well as warning; so that mankind, after the coming of the apostles, may have no plea against Allah, the exalted in POWER the WISE."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S4: 165

WE BELIEVE that among all the prophets there are five ARCHPROPHETS, who are the most prominent ones, who have had LAW, DIVINE book and new religions. THE first was NOAH,the second was ABRAHAM. then came

Moses, The fourth of them was JESUS CHRIST; and the last of all was MOHAMMAD.

"And remember when We made a covenant with you, as we did with the other prophets:-- with NOAH and ABRAHAM, with Moses and Jesus the son of Mary. We took from them a solemn covenant, so that Allah might question the truthful about their truthfulness. Allah has prepared for the unbelievers a grievous punishment."


"Bear up them with patience as did the ARCHPROPHETS before you, and be in no haste about the unbelievers."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S46: 35

WE BELIEVE that the holy prophet Mohammad closed the long line of APOSTLES, and he is the LAST of the prophets, His Islamic law will cover all the mankind, and will remain until the end of the world. That is to say: _ the nature of his doctrine and Islamic commandments is so becoming, that will satisfy all the needs of man up to the end. And that; if any

one claims to be a prophet after him, the claini is false.

"Mohammad is not the father of any of you men, but he is the apostle of Allah, and the SEAL of the prophets. Allah has full knowledge of all thing."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S33: 40

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