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15-They Are god's Obedient Servants

WE BELIEVE that it has been the greatest honour of the prophets to be the obedient servants of God. This is why we repeat in our daily prayers the following phrase:_ " I TESTIFY THAT MOHAMAD IS THE SERVANT OF GOD; AND HIS MESSENGER TOO."

WE BELIEVE that none of the prophets have claimed to be a god.

"It is impossible that a man to whom is given the SCRIPTURES, WISDOM, and PROPHETHOOD; should say to people:_ "WORSHIP ME INSTEAD OF GOD."

On the contrary he would say:

"Be you all devouted servants of God, who is truly the cherisher of all, for you have studied and been taught the scriptures."

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And that JESUS CHRIST has never asked people to WORSHIP him.

"Christ does not disdain to serve and worship Allah; Nor do the nearest angels feel contempt to do that.

Those who disdain His worship and who are arrogant will be gathered together in front of HIM. (TO ANSWER)"

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S4: 172

The histories written to_day show that among the early christians in the first century (A.D.), the TRINITY did not exist at all. It appeared later.

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