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18-THe Question OF Resorting

WE BELIEVE that resorting too, is similar to the intercession, which permits those who have problems and difficulties to resort to the prophets and saints for a help; so that they may pray to God asking HIM to solve the problems of the resortees:

"When they oppressed themselves, would they have come to you (i.e MOHAMMAD) to ask Allah's forgiveness for them, they surely would have found Allah an acceptor of their repentance and the Most Merciful."


In the story of JOSEPH the dreamer, found in the HOLY QUR?N, when his brothers felt regret and repented, they resorted to their father (JACOB) to ask God to forgive them their sins. The old father agreed with their request, and promised to ask for their

salvation in due time. In this respect the HOLY BOOK has:_

"They said,"O, our father! Ask forgivness for our sins, for we were really at fault."

He said," Soon I shall ask my LORD to forgive you all, for HE is indeed often_forgiving and Merciful"

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S12: 97_98

Of course one should not transgress the logical bounds by thinking that the prophets could do as they liked without the permission of God. One should not try to change a case of resorting or interceding into a case of worshipping the prophets and the saints which is then mere Polytheism. They substantially can do nothing unless God permits them to do it.:--

"Say:_" I have no power over any good or bad to myself, except by the will of Allah.

If I had the knowledge of the hidden, I would have availed myself of much goodness, and no harm would have touched me at all.

I am only a warner to all of you and a bearer of glad tiding to those who have faith."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S7: 188

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