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20-Reports Of the Formes prophets


WE BELIEVE that many of the former prophets, have informed their followers of the coming of the next one. For instance, Moses and Jesus have given a clear account of the mission of the last of the prophets, Mohammad.

"Those who follow the Apostle_the unletered prophet whom they find mentioned in their own scripture_in the LAW and the GOSPEL. He commands them what is just and equitable, and forbids them what is evil...."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S7: 157

This is why we read in the history that a little while before the coming of Mohammad, a group of Jews

came and settled in MEDINA, waiting for the prophet they expected to appear, as it was foretold in their scripture.

deut. 18:15 _ JOHN 14: 16_25 _ JOHN 15:26 _ JOHN 16:7

When the prophet came, some of them accepted his doctrine and converted to faithful believers, and some found their material benefits and political positions endangered and rejected the invitation to Islam.

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