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24-The Philosophy of the Revelation Of Divine Books

WE BELIEVE that, for the guidance of man, God sent down several DIVINE BOOK, among which we may name:_ The SOHOF, given to NOAH; the LAW, given to Moses; the GOSPEL given to JESUS, and the Holy QUR?N given to Mohammad.

Were these books not sent, human would have been led astray, falling afar off from the natural path of piety, ethics, and straight path of truth.

Such divine Books, like the clouds of mercy, have rained upon the plane of the hearts, making to fruitful the seeds of knowledge, wisdom and virtues.

"The APOSTLE (MOHAMMAD) believes in that which is revealed to him from his LORD, and so do man of

faith_they all believe in ALLAH, His angels, His books, and in all His apostles.

They say:_ "We make no distinction between any of the prophets." They also say: "We hear the prophets and we obey." Our LORD! we BEG Your forgiveness that to you ends all the road."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S2: 285

Unfortunately through long elapse of time, many of the scriptures have been tampered with, and altered to some extent, by the interference of some ignorant and unauthorized people, resulting in the replacement of some wrong thoughts and immoral ideas. Among these an exception is the Glorious Qur?n, which has remained unaltered and exactly is the same as it was; and It has always been shining like the bright sun, throughout the ages and the nations, alighting the hearts.

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