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25-Quran Is The greates Of The Miracles Of Our Prophet

WE BELIEVE that QUR?N is the greatest and the most important one, among the many miracles of Islam's prophet:_ Not only for its eloquency, fluency, vividness and expressiveness, but rather for other important aspects and wide dimentions of the book, about which broad descriptions have been given by the experts and commentaors in their books.

WE BELIEVE that no one can ever bring a book like the Holy QUR?N, even not a chapter comparable to it! This is because, the Holy QUR?N frequently asks the doubtful to do it if they can, and all who have endeavoured have failed!

"Say:_ "If the whole of mankind and JINNS gather together to make out a book like this QUR?N, they cannot do it even if they back up each other with help and support."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S17: 88

"If you are in doubt of what we have revealed to our servant (Mohammad), then produce only one chapter

comparable to this book; and call your witnesses or helpers to help you, if there are any besides Allah to assist you; if what you say be ture. But if you fail to do so, and certainly you will fail, then fear the FIRE whose fuel is man and STONES prepared for the unbelievers

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S2: 23_24


WE BELIEVE that age will not make the Holy QUR?N old and out of date; but rather its miraculous points and views shall appear more and more clearly, and its greatness shall become more evident to the world.

We have a tradition narrated by Emam Jaafar Sadiq that:_ "God has not made QURAN to answer a certain age or distinct group of people. It shall always remain fresh, New, and lively."

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