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26-Quran Is Not Altered At All

WE BELIEVE that this book, _ (QUR?N)_ which is now at the hands of the Moslims, is the exact and

unaltered copy of that which was revealed to our prophet MOhammad _ nothing less and nothing more.

A group of trustworthy scribes chosen by the prophet himself took note of the revelations from the very beginning up to the end, and Moslims had it a duty of must, to read and recite the verses by day and night. A large group of Moslims committed the book to memory and a group of them had it on the scrolls.

Those who had the book in their memory and those who could recite it for the others, had always had a very respectful position among the believer. Such customs and else, prevented the least amount of changes or any alteration to take place in the book.

Besides that, God Himself has promised and guaranteed to look after His book and keep it safe and secure until the end.:--

"We have without doubt, sent down the QURAN, and We will assuredly guard it."


All the learned, and researcher fo Islam, whether SHIITE or SONNI, agree that the least alteration has

not ever occured int this Holy Book.

Some literate persons, discuss some rare and obscure tradition (HADIS) that may mean that some changes have taken place, but the highest majority of those who have the knowledge of Islam, reject that, taking it false and the mistake of some unaware commentators.

Such improvidents who lack forethought, by such false ideas strike upon the validity of the most important DIVINE BOOK, in contrast to the belief of all the learned Moslims of different sects, which maintain that QUR?N is unaltered for the least of words. These unwise friends, water the mills of the enemy through their ignorance, and bring into question the book which is sent by Allah, and has been promised to be guarded by Allah.

If we carefully study the ways that the book was revealed to the prophet and collected by the chosen scribes, and how it was guarded, written, memorized and recited by so many firm and true believers, no doubt remains as to any alteration or the change of even an epsilon in the whole work.

On the other hand, of the imaginary or assumed Quran with some alteration, not ever a copy exists anywhere, or in any hand, so as to differ with the famous HOLY QUR?N which all the Moslims hold as their SACRED DIVINE BOOK.

To_day the Holy Quran is found in every house and in every library. Even those Qurans written several hundred years ago are kept in our MUSEUMS and those in the non Islamic countries, and no one can find the least differnces in all the existing Qurans throughout the wide world.

To_day the roads to investigations are open to all, and anyone who doubts, may look for it himself and make sure that QUR?N has not been altered for the least.

"So announce glad tidings to My Servants _ to those who listen to My PRECEPTS, and follow what is the best in them. Those are the ones that Allah has guided and those are endued with understanding."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S39: 17_18

To_day, in our religious schools, the knowledge of

QUR?N, is extensively taught, and one of the most important of our lessons in this field is the UNCHANGEABILITY OF QUR?N.

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