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29-The Deviating Discussions

WE BELIEVE that some mysterious hands have always tried to deviate and swerve Muslims from contemplation and thought over the verses of QUR?N.

The OMAYYED and BANIABBAS dynasties engaged the Muslims on void disputes, to answer the question whether QUR?N is old or new!? Is it created or is eternally old as God!? Such prolong controversies divided the united Muslims into rival groups altercating and fighting each other. To_day we know that thousands of bloods have been shed upon such arguments about nonesense, and quarrels for nothing! while any one with a common sense can answer that easily:_ If by QUR?N, the paper and ink, the cover and the painting is meant, it is certainly created and is something new. On the other hand if by QURAN the

meaning is the aim, it is certainly among the knowledge of God, and as the God's Attributes are not apart of His substance, one may say that QUR?N is as old as God Himself.

But the inhumn, merciless governors tried to keep Muslims busy on these useless subjects; and now adays too, we see that the same thing and similar affairs happen in Muslim societies, so as to keep them aside of contemplation and thought.

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