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33-The Saint,s (Emam) Methodecal Way (Sunnat)


WE BELIEVE that the traditions and orders of the innocent Emams are all taken from the prophet, through their fathers, and are all to be obeyed. There is a famous tradition related by successive witnesses:_

"I have left among you two heavy things to prevent you being misled:_ The Book of Allah and my nearest KINS."(1) On the other hand, whatever the siants have said, are narrations from the prophet: The prophet foresaw the future and to solve its problems, laid the key in the hands of his nearest kins, and THE BOOK OF ALLAH; and how can a true Muslim ignore such a firm and important Hadis!? if the above tradition was considered precisely, our present difficulties in faith, comments, and the disputes in jurisprudence, would not exist.



.- SAHIH TORMEZY_ vol 5 _ P.662

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