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34-Withoit Resurrection, Life Is Void

WE BELIEVE that all men and women will be raised up in a certain day after death. They all will be judged, and those who are good and virtuous shall live in PARADISE (THE GARDEN OF BLISS), and the sinners will join the fire in Hell.

"Allah, there is no God but He. Of a surety He will gather you all together in the resurrection day about which there is no doubt, and whose word can be truer than Allah?"


"As for he who transgressed and chose this present life, his abode will be Hell_Fire. And as for those who feared to stand before their LORD, and restrained their souls from lusts, (LOW DESIRES) their abode

will be PARADISE."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S79: 37_41

WE BELIEVE that this world is only a bridge that man should pass it over so as to join an eternall life; or in other word it may be a farm, to sow here and to harvest in hereafter or else it may be taken as a market here to provide for the next life to come.

About this life of ours, Emam Ali says:_

"This WORLD is a place of truth for him who confronts it with truthfulness. It is a house (means) for being FREE OF WANT, for him who gathers provisions from it and stores for his next life. It is a place of awareness for him who takes advice from it. It is the mosque of the friends of God, a place of worship for the angels; where God's inspirations is sent down, and a trade market for God's friends."

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