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35-The Reasons For The Resurrection Are Clear Enough

WE BELIEVE that the reasons to prove the resurrection are very clear, because, it can easily be

seen that this mortal life cannot be a reasonable object, and the final goal for such a creation; i.e. to come and live here for a short periode, living with immense hardships and difficulties, and then end to nothing or to some dusts! Is that what is meant by our complex creation?

"Do you think that we have created you for nothing, (IN JEST) and that you would not return to us?"

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S23: 115_

Secondly; in this world the evildoers are usually in one line with the beneficients and some times higher; a none equity which dosn't read with the great justice of God. So there must be somewhere or some how to distinct bad from good and false from truth.

"Do the evildores think that they are equal in OUR SIGHT, with the believer who do good works, so that their lives and deaths are alike? How bad they judge!

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S45: 21

Thirdly; the Infinite Mercy of God NECESSITATES that His Mercy and Bounties come not to an end by man's death.

"Say to who belongs all that heavens and the earth contain? say to Allah; He has inscribed Mercy for Himself and willl gather you all on the day of resurrection. That day is sure to come. Those who have lost their own souls are those who will never have faith."


Qur?n, addressing those who doubt about the resurrection asks: How do they doubt the Power of the Almighty to raise the dead? while they already have seen God's first creation, BEGINNING to make them out of the soil:_

"Were we weary with the first creation, that they should be in confused doubt about a new creation?"

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S50: 15

"And he (the unbeliever) makes comparison for Us, and forgets his own creation. He asks:_ `Who will give life to the rotten bones?' say:_ `He who created them for the first time will give them life again, He has knowledge of every creature.

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S36: 78_79

Besides that; is the creation of man impotant in comparison with that of heavens and the earth? He who was able to create such a vast, and strange world, is He not able to raise the dead?

"Do they not see that Allah who created the heavens and the earth, and was not wearied by their creation can raise the dead to life? Yes, He Has Power to do everything."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S46: 33

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