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36-Rusurrection Is Corporeal

WE BELIEVE that not only the SOUL, but the soul and body of man both will be raised to life in resurrection. This is because whatever is done here is done by both the soul and the body; so the reward too should be given to both of them.

Most of the Quranic verses which rafer to resurrection have put the stress on corporeal raise of the body as well as the soul.

In answer to the amazed questioner, who asked the prophet:_ who raises the dead? Quran answers:_ He

who gave them their first creation can easily raise them once again.

"Does man think that we cannot assemble his bones once again? Yes! We are able to remould the very Tips of his fingers."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S75: 3_4

Such verses also denote that the resurrection is corporeal too. There are also verses that report of getting out of our graves, proving the raise to be bodily

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