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38-Resurrection And THe Record Of Our Deeds

WE BELIEVE that in DOOMSDAY, the RECORD BOOK of whatever we have done, will be given to us. The record of those who are sanctified will be given to their right hand, and that of the wrongdoers shall be given to their left. By reading the book of their deeds the virtuous will be happy and the evildoers anxious.

"He who is given his record in his right hand will say:_ `Take mine and read it! I knew that I would come to

my account.' And he will be in a blissful life, in a lofty garden with clusters of fruit within his reach.

We shall say to him:`Eat and drink to your happiness.' Here is your reward for what you did in days gone by.' And as for him whose book is given to his left hand, will say: `Ah! Would that my record had not been given to me! would that I knew nothing of my account. Would that death had made an end of me. "My wealth has availed me nothing, and I AM BEREFT OF ALL MY POWER."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S69: 19_25

As for the book; how it is written or read, no one knows enough, but it exists, no one can deny. The particularities of that day is such that we cannot know it in detail, but generally we know what is going to happen.

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