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42-The World Of The Dead (Barzakh)

WE BELIEVE that between death and resurrectoin, there is a third WORLD, called BARZAKH, in which the souls of all the human beings who die will live there untill they are raised again:_(1)

"When death comes they say:_ "`My Lord! turn me back to life in order that I may do the good works which I have neglected.' No! BY NO MEANS! (is the answer to their request) This is what they ask, but over them is the BARZAKH." (A world in which people shall live ofter death and before judgement.)

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S23: 94_100

We know not much about this world which is in between the raise and death and is called BARZAKH,


.- KANZUL AAM?L_ Vol.14 _ P.390

but we know that therein the sanctified souls, like the martyrs and the pious live a blissful life:_

"Do not think of those who are slain for the sake of God, as deads. No! They are ALIVE, and have their sustenance in the presence of their Lord.

They rejoice for what Allah gives them out of His BOUNTY; and with regard to those left behind, (THE BELIEVERS WHO ARE NOT DIED YET) who have not yet joined them, the martyrs give glad tiding, not to fear, nor have they any cause to grieve.

They give good news of the BOUNTY of ALLAH, and that God will not leave the rewards of the faithful to be lost."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S3: 169

On the other hand the souls of the oppressors and the rebels and their followers and evildoers are all under torture in their life in BARZAKH.

They are brought (i.e. THE PHARAOH'S FOLLOWERS) in fornt the fire morning, and evening, and when they are raised for the FINAL JUDGEMENT, the companion of PHARAOH are cast

into the severest penalty."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S40: 46

A third group with less guilt are neither among the first group nor among the second ones. In the world after death they are some how like a sleeper who sleeps by death and awakes by resurrection.

"When the hour of doom overtakes them, the wrong doers will swear that they tarried not in (BARZAKH) but an hour, and thus they are ever deceived.

But those who are endued with knowlege and faith will say:_ `You have stayed till the day of resurrection, as was decreed by Allah, and this is the day of resurrection yet you did not know it."

THE HOLY QUR?N _ S30: 56

In an Islamic tradition it is narrated by the prophet who said,"The grave is either a GARDEN OF BLISS OF the Paradise: or AN ABYSS of the Hell."(1)




BOH?ROL ANV?R_ VOL.6 _ P.2148218

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