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Chapter 14-Imam 'Ali (a) will Fight for Interpretation of the Quran

Chapter 14 

Imam ‘Ali (‘a) will Fight for Interpretation of the Quran


 Ibn Hanbal says:

 WakÄ«‘ has related to us from Fitr from Ismā‘Ä«l bin Rajā’ from his father from Abi Sa‘Ä«d who narrates that the Messenger of Allah (S) said (addressing his companions):

 “Inna minkum man yuqātilu ‘alā ta’wÄ«lih kamā qātaltu ‘ala tanzÄ«lih” (Who among you will fight for the interpretation [of the Qur’ān] as I fought on its revelation)?

 Abi Sa‘Ä«d says:

 At this AbÅ« Bakr and ‘Umar got up but the Messenger of Allah (S) said:

 “lā, wa lākin khāsif al-na‘l (No [not you] but the one who is busy mending the shoe).”

 (AbÄ« Sa‘Ä«d adds):

 Wa ‘AlÄ«yun yakhsifu na‘lahu (And [Imam] ‘AlÄ« [(‘a)] was mending his shoes.[56]

 It is recorded that during the Battle of SiffÄ«n the Prophet’s loyal companion ‘Ammar bin Yāsir who was on the side of Imam ‘AlÄ« (‘a), referred to this famous hadith of the Prophet in favour of Imam ‘AlÄ« (‘a) while facing the Syrian army of the rebel Mu‘āwiyah bin AbÄ« Sufyān, and recited the following epic verses (rajaz):

 Nahnu darabnākum ‘alā tanzÄ«lih

Wa al-yawm nadribukum ‘alā ta’wÄ«lih

(We had fought you on the revelation [of the Qur’ān] and today we are fighting you on its correct interpretation).[57]


[56] Al-Musnad, Matba‘ah al-Maymaniyyah, vol. 3, pp. 31 & 33; also refer to p. 82 of the same volume where the hadith says Imam ‘AlÄ« (‘a) was mending the Prophet’s shoes.

[57] Tāhā Husayn, al-Fitnah al-Kubrā (‘AlÄ« and Prophethood), vol. 2, p. 77, 6th edition, Dār al-Ma‘ārif, Egypt, 1969.

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