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The Third Logic

The Third Logic

 Here there is a third logic, which is the logic of the Qur’ān.  In this issue, the Qur’ān gives us a concept that is different from the previous two ideas and that is peculiar to it.  The Qur’ān’s view accords with neither the nonsensical idea of our so-called intellectuals, nor with the narrow-mindedness of our holier-than-thou pious people.  The Qur’ān’s view is rooted in a special logic that everyone, after learning of it, will admit is the correct position in this matter.  And this fact increases our faith in this astonishing and remarkable Book and shows that its lofty teachings are independent of the worldly thoughts of human beings and have a celestial source.

 Here we present the proofs of both disputing groups (the so-called intellectuals and the so-called pious) and investigate them so that by critiquing them we can slowly arrive at the third logic in regard to this issue, that is, the logic and particular philosophy of the Qur’ān.

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