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Signs of Humility

Signs of Humility 

A humble person will not mind sitting behind everyone in a gathering. He will be the one to initiate salutations. He will give up arguments and squabbles even if he is in the right. He will not like to be praised for his piety.


Amir ul-Mu’minÄ«n ‘Ali (a.s.) says in his bequest:

“It is necessary that you make humility a habit because it is one of the greatest worship acts.”


 It is mentioned in Safinat’ul-Bihār that after every ritual prayer, MÅ«sa Ibn Imran used to touch both his cheeks on the ground with utmost humility before the Almighty Allah. Due to this the Almighty Allah (S.w.T.) gave him the status of Kalimullah (One with whom Allah spoke).

Imam ‘Ali ar-Riďa (a.s.) says:

Humility is that you give to the people what they like so that they may also give to you.

Hasan bin Jaham asked Imam ‘Ali Riďa (a.s.) what was the standard of humility and what was its nature? Imam (a.s.) replied:

There are some grades for humility one of them is that a person should understand his value and do everything according to that. Rather he should come down a little bit with perfect consciousness. He should like for others only those things that he likes for himself. If someone is bad to him he reciprocates with goodness and he must swallow his anger and forgive the people. Allah (S.w.T.) certainly like those who do good.


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