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Noble Deeds and Generosities of Hazrat Abdolazim

Noble Deeds and Generosities of Hazrat Abdolazim


Several noble deeds have been recounted from the people of Rey and other sources. Here we advise the interested persons to study related books in this regard.
The 40th week

As narrated from a well informed source, once one of the merchants of Tehran came across a problem. One day he put up the matter with one of his colleagues and his colleague said you should go to Abdolazim and intercede him for solving your problem.

He said I went to abdolazim but the problem persisted and again his colleague said your problem shall be done and solved by abdolazim. But you have not sought his help sincerely , now sit down so I will recount my own story which I have not told anyone so far.

I went bankrupt many years ago and even I could not afford my daily food so I went to abdolazim tomb to seek recovery. For this , pledged to go on foot to abdolazim forty weeks consecutively early moning of Thursddays. 39 weeks passed and the forthieth week when arrived(coinciding with winter), in the afternoon of Wednesday it was badly snowing in the afternoon when I reached home the snow turned into blizzard and the ground was filled with snow up to the knee, my wife asked me: don't you go to pilgrimage of abdolazim, I said in this blizzard even abdolazim is not pleased with the idea and God willing next week I will go there.

I slept early at night and in sleep I dreamed the dream that I was going to abdolazim . when I came to sheikh sadoogh tomb, I made ablution to say prayers and then I went to abdolazim. When I got up I made up my mind to go there my wife said why didn' you go earlier but now it is snowing badly and it is midnight. I recounted the dream to my wife and added I should leave right now even if it costs my life.

When I set off, I saw the same thing I saw in the sleep till I arrived in ibn Babeveyh.following the sleep, I abluted and washed my hands for prayers and prayed . the doors had been opened just at that moment. I crept into part of the mosque and slept and in the sleep I dreamed that abdolazim came to me and asked about my problem.

I said my problem and he putthe hand in his shawl and handed me a knotted bag and said this is your capital, use it God willing you will be well-off. When I took the bag sudenly I was awaken by the voice of Muazen calling to prayers. I saw a knotted bag in my hand in which there were 12 coins of one rials. I came back to tehran and my fate is as you can witness.

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