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Azim Panah

Azim Panah


It was like a spring. What was inspired into his soul and made his winter soul turn into green season. He wept and said: how come you say you are the most merciful in the world but I am a sinner and am ashamed of what I have done and have brought you in the after world. He clinched his fingers around the bars of the shrine and wept and wept.

You are the grandson of Fatemeh zahra and you must intercede with her for us. It was Dash Mohammad who had now become Azim panah meaning person taking refuge in Abdolazim for his past deeds. Thus this sinful person changed his name to Azimpanah and when he died, people dreamed a dream about him who was now in the paradise.

Astonished people asked him how he had attained such position and he answered: hazrat abdolazim brought me to such great position.

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