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Cure of Melika

Cure of Melika


Cancer, intestine cancer, three fourths of the intestinee has been disrupted , I am sorry. What mr. Salehian heard was not these words but the echo of a cry. A sorrowful sigh coming from his brain.
He tried to hear voice of Dr. Hamidi more clearly. Dr, what do you mean are your earnest in what you say?. Mr. Salehian this is my duty to speack frankly so please have guts to hear me.

I cannot do anything for your child. Dr. Hamidi, specialist of surgery of children at Asia hospital discharged the little Melika from hospital after 20 days. But family of Melika did not stop and did not give up hope.many doctors at Arad hospital reiterated the medical tests again but the diagnosis was the same: cancer.

Cancer that was strangling the throat of the child more and more. Melika was deteriorating and her abdomen was swollen, a sign of corruptoin of the part of intestine. Dr. Koulanlu said a sample is to be taken to find out thetype of cancer, but the spleen had become swollen and it was not possibile to take sample.

It meant all hopes had been dashed. There was only one place more and it was Petroleum Hospital nd Dr. Kalantari, surgeon of the hospital. The only thing he accepted to perform was endoscopy of intestines. Monday 9 aban 1994. But what hope was to be taken from this ? the family of Melika were in the depth of hopelessness and here a sparkle shined in the brain of her family: to seek help from seyed abdolazim.

It was Fatemieh days and Saturday 1.5 in the morning. Sadat Salehian family have all gathered the shrine and all relations of Melike this 5 year old girl had gathered there. One of the servants of the shrine saw them and found something must happened to them as they have gathered outdoors in the cold weather.

When servant find out they are sadat family he said: you are children of owner of this shrine. I open the door of shrine on you and all go inside. Sunday 8 of aban, petrolleum hospital, Melika is prepared to undergo operation, but the news comes that one of rrelatives of dr. Kalantari has died.

Dr. would not perform operaiotn tomorrow. Monday, considering the date of change of operation, Meliksadat is once more expedited to lab tests, blood test and CT Scanning. Everything is ready for Tuesday when Dr. Kalantari checks the test he is astonished. There is some mistake, every ten minutes he orders for new tests , but the answer is negative.
Dr,. says mrs, Salehian, I really donot know what to say there is some miracle that has worked there is no sign of the disease. Grandmother of Melika recounts a dream she had dreamed: I was among ladies whom I did not know.they said: emam Sajjad is approaching. He came with a shining face, I went closer to watch. Emam said Melika has been given the healing.

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