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The Story of Armenian Compatriot

The Story of Armenian Compatriot


A big and expensive luster was gifted in 1975 to Hazrat abdolazim shrine and for some time it was center of attention. Regardless of the material value of the luster that was purchased at that time over 600,000 Tomans, the interesting point was it had been donated by one of Armenian compatriots.
One of the servants speaks about it: one of Armenians comes across a difficulty in Isfahan and was unable to solve it and lost hope to overcome it. On the night coinciding with 21st of Ramazan, he was about to leave for Isfahan, he gets gripped in the heavy traffic of shahid Rajaee avenue.

The traffic jam was due to throngs of pilgrims who where heading for shahrerey to visit holy shrine of Abdolazim. He saw all cars were heading for a place that at the end of which was a dome and minaret. He said I donot know the owner of this shrine but it turns out that he is endeared person to God thus he makes a promise that if his problem would be solved he would donate a luster for the harem.

Two days later, the Armenian compatriot came to Tehran and searched everywhere to buy a luster and after buying, sent it to the harem and narrated his problem for one of the servants and told him: God solved my difficulty with the intercessoin of that great man. Please visit the shrine and kiss his shrine on my behalf.

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