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Scholars Sayings About Hazrat Abdolazim


Scholars Sayings About Hazrat Abdolazim

Najashi in this book Rejal, mentions Hazrat Abdolazim as person addressed by hazrat Ali after giving his genealogy. The late Mirza Hossein Nouri, the narrator of the present century in the book Mostadrekolwasael, p. 614, lays stress on this honesty, virtue and piety and narrates Imam Hadi as saying his pilgrimage is tantamount to the reward of paradise.

The late Kajouri, in the book soul and foliage, narrating seyed Morrteza Alamolhoda has narrated the narration Arzedin of that personality.


The late Majlesi, in Hediatolzaerin, mentioned the luminiscent tomb and shrine of that honorable character in Rey. Sheikholtaefeh in his book, Rejal, has mentioned Hazrat Abdolazim as companions and followers of imam Hadi. Allameh Helli in Kholasatolaghwal, mentions Abdolazim as lauded persons and late Sadoogh, in Sawabolaamal, mentions his name. the late Ibn ali ardebili,in Jameorrowat, has mentioned sheikh Toosi and Najashi.

The late Mirdamad mentions him and his shrine in Rey. He further expresses dissatisfaction over failing to describe his name as an honorable and person who deserves trust and considers this silence as ugly and unwelcome and further adds : did not imam Hadi call him among his followers and among his friends and this verifies the great stance of Abdolazim in relation with Imam Hadi.

Ibn Gholveih in the Kamelezziarat recounts ibn Babeveyh that one of inhabitants of Rey said he entered unto emam Hadi and the imam asked where I was. I said I pilgrimmed tomb of seyyedolshohada. He said if you had pilgrimed and visited the tomb who is with you it is as if you had visited imam Hossein.

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