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Hazrat Abdolazim Biography

Hazrat Abdolazim Biography


By studying the history of hazrat abdolazim, this point becomes clear that he was devoted to the imams of his time and at this time he had enormous position and frequented the companions of hazrat sadegh, Kazem,Reza such as: Hesham bin Hakam,Ibn Abi Amir, ali bin Jafar,Hasan bin Mahboub who are among his elders and learned men.
All have admired him in their books as a person of great sincerity and devotion and sanctity.the well-known narrator of the present century, late Haj Mirza Hassan Nouri writes in the conclusion of the book Mostadrekolwasael: abdolazim Hassani is among great sadats and we refer you to the pamphlet written by Saheb ibn Abbad (326-385) about him.

He was the grandson of imam Hassan and was a pious man with deep creeds. Abdolazim has a book called Yaom wa layleh(day and night). Saheb ibn Abbad further says: a man from Rey came to emam Hadi and the imam asked him about his whereabouts: and said where he came from. The man answered I visited the tomb of hazrat seyyed ol shohada.

The imam said you should know if you had visited the tomb of abdolazim Hassani in your town it would be tantamount to visiting the tomb of seyyed al shohada. Abu Torab Rouyani says: I heard from Abu Hemad razi say: I visited the place of Ali bin Mohammad in Samerra and asked some things about the halal and haram, and he answered all the questions.

When I wanted to leave him he said: o' Abu hemad, whenever you come across any questions , you may ask Abdolazim Hassani. Saheb ibn Abbad then narrates narrations on the unicinity by Abdolazim. The late Allameh majlesi, in the book Hadiyyatozzaerin, writes: among famous cemeteires is that of Abdolazim Hassani.

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