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Short prayers from Imam Reza (AS)

Short Prayers from Imam Reza (AS)


Here are three short Ad’iyah from Hazrat Imam Ali bin Moosa Ar-Reza (as), Gharibul Ghuraba, Moghith-ush-shiiatay waz’zuwwaray fee Yomil Jaza, whose holy mausoleum is situated in the holy city of Mash’had, Iran:
1. For seeking well being and thanking for it

He said that once `Ali b. al-Husayn (a) saw a person doing tawaaf of al-Ka`bah and saying: O God I ask from You the patience (as-Sabr).

The Imam stroked his shoulder and said: you have asked for affliction (balaa'), [Instead] say: Allaahumma innee as-alukal-`aafiyah, wash-shukra `alal-`aafiyah.

O Allah I ask from You the well-being, and to be grateful for the well-being.

2. For seeking richness

From Imam Ar-Reza (a) On the authority of his forefathers who said that the Prophet (s) said: He who says every day 100 times [the following] will attract richness through it and drive away poverty:

Laa ilaaha il’lal-laahul-malikul-Haqqul-mubeen

(There is no god, except Allah, the Ruler, the Real, the Manifest)

3. Cure from all sorts of pain

Khalid b. al-`Absee has narrated that: `Ali b. Moosa (a) taught me the following instructing me to teach fellow believers for it works with all sort of pains and aches.

U`idhoo nafsee bi’rabbil-ardhi wa rabbis-samaa' U`idhoo nafsee billadhee laa yadhurru ma`a-smihi daa' U`idhoo nafsee billadhee-smuhu barakatun washifaa'

I seek protection for my soul in the Lord of the earth and the Lord of the heavens I seek protection for my soul in the One in whose name no sickness can hurt I seek protection for my soul in the One whose name is Blessed and a Cure.

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