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The Prophet's Recommendation to Fatima

The Prophet’s Recommendation to Fatima


The Prophet (p.b.u.h) had recommended his daughter Fatima (SA) with this recommendation saying,
“He is not from the believers the one whose neighbors do not feel safe from his vices. Let him, who believes in Allah and the  Last Day, not harm his neighbor. Let him, who believes in Allah and the Last Day, either say good (things) or keep silent.
Allah the Almighty loves a patient, abstinent one and He hates an indecent, stingy one who is importunate in demanding. Modesty is from faith and faith is in the Paradise, and indecency is from obscenity and obscenity is in the Fire…”[1]

Notes :

[1] The Life of the Principal of Women Fatima az-Zahra’, p. 54.

Taken from : The Life of Muhammad The Greatest Liberator The Holiest Prophet ,Author: Allama Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi ,Translator:  Abdullah al-Shahin

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