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In His Last Abode

In His Last Abode


The pure corpse was brought under a halo of takbir and tahlil[3] towards the last abode. Imam Abu Muhammad (AS) was buried in his house beside the tomb of his father Imam al-Hadi (AS).
Samarra’ had two imams from the twelve imams and leaders of Muslims, and it became at the head of the holy places in the Muslim world. It received and still receives thousands of visitors from everywhere in the world who came to visit the two holy shrines of Imam al-Hadi and Imam al-Askari (peace be on them).

Once, an-Nasir Lideenillah, the Abbasid caliph, visited the holy shrines of these two infallible imams to be blessed and close to Allah.

[3] Takbir is the saying “Allahu Akbar-Allah is great” and tahlil is the saying “la illaha illallah-there is no god but Allah”.

His vizier suggested to him that he might visit the tombs of his fathers of the Abbasid kings and he responded. When he reached there, he found the graves dark and miserable where sweepings were accumulated and crows gathered. The vizier asked the king to take care and pay money to rebuild these graves, but the Abbasid king said,
‘How far! That is of no use.’

The vizier asked, ‘why, O Ameerul Mo'minin?’
He said, ‘Did you see the flourish of the tombs of the pure imams?’
The vizier said, ‘Yes.’

The king asked, ‘Do you know the secret behind that?’
The vizier answered, ‘No.’

An-Nasir Lideenillah said, ‘My fathers associated with Satan, and these master associated with Allah, and all that which is for Allah remains, and all that which is for Satan perishes and disappears.’[1]

The Alawids, the Abbasids, and Ja’far, Imam Abu Muhammad’s brothers stood at the tomb and the masses of people began consoling them for this painful affliction.

The Date Of His Death

Imam Abu Muhammad al-Askari (AS) left to the better world on the eighth of Rabee’ul Awwal[2] in the year two hundred and sixty of hijra,[3] while he was twenty-eight years old and still in the prime of youth.[4]
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Taken from : The Life Of Imam Al-Hasan Al-Askari Study And Analysis By: Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi Translation by: Abdullah al-Shahin

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