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The army of Islam was faced with great difficulties on its way from Madina to Syria and it is for this reason that it had been given the name of Jayshul 'Usrah (the army of hardship). However, their faith and fervour overcame all these difficulties and they welcomed all the hardships that came in their way. When the army of Islam reached the land of 'Thamood' the Prophet covered his face with a cloth on account of the hot and scorching winds blowing there, and passed by that place in great haste and said to his companions "Reflect over the end of the lives of the people of Thamood who became subjected to the wrath of Allah because of their obstinacy and disobedience, and remember that no true believer should think that the end of his life will not be like that of those people. The death-like quietness of this place and the ruined houses which have gone into deep silence are a lesson for other nations".
Thereafter, the Prophet ordered the soldiers not to drink water of that place or prepare food or bread with it and that they should not even perform ablution with it, and if they had, in some cases, prepared food or kneaded flour with that water they should give it to the animals to eat.
Then the army of Islam continued its march under the guidance of the Prophet and when a part of the night had passed they reached a well from which the camel of Swaleh had drunk water. On reaching that spot the Prophet gave orders that all should encamp there and take rest.
Taken From :  The Message  by   Ayatullah Ja'far Subhani

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