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Effects of Music on the Nervous System

Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) said: 'Music engenders hypocrisy.'
[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 79, p. 241, no. 7]

The biologists and the life scientists have defined two types of nerves. They are the principal nerves and the arterial nerves. The principal nerves stretch from the neck to all vital organs. The arterial nerves spread from the main nerves to all parts of the body.
The secondary nerves are connected to outward parts of the body and convey the messages to the brain. When the veins enlarge, the blood pressures decreases. Due to the shriveling of blood vessels, the blood pressure increases. When the blood pressure varies at different parts of the body it affects the health.
When the secondary nerves work they produce heat whereas the functioning of the central nerves produces the opposite effect. That is due to these nerves, feelings of sloth, sleep, thoughtlessness, forgetfulness, grief and sorrow, fainting, unconsciousness and even death occurs. Obviously, when music could affect the various nerves, it would give rise to various maladies. Mental diseases as well as physical ailments will be caused. The mental effect would destroy his reasoning capacity. It is for this reason that one who listens to music is unable to perform the work that could be accomplished by a sane person.
Music creates vibration in the body and this is conveyed to all the parts of the body through the nervous system. As a result of it, indigestion occurs. Music affects the heart in such a way that the heartbeat becomes irregular. The blood pressure goes awry. All such ailments make a person permanently ill. Consequently, even the modern medical science, in spite of its astonishing progress, fails in such a situation. Sometimes, the music is so intense that the listener loses his sanity. He becomes dumb and various kinds of mental diseases occur. In places, where music is more prevalent, we find that there are more neurotic illnesses. It is for this reason that most of the mental hospitals are to be found in Europe and America.
Dr. Adlen writes against music, "Even though it seems pleasant, the effect of music is profound upon the nervous system. Specially, when the temperature is high, the ill-effect of music is more.
Source: [“Greater Sins" by Shaheed Dasgahib]

A True Incident
An excise officer in Meerut (UP) relates an interesting incident in regard to the effect of music on nervous system. He says:
“I was leading a normal life, it was simple and peaceful. One of the qualities I had, that I never enjoyed music nor it had any effect on me. It so happened, that one day I met with an accident. It was so serious that I had to be operated. The blood was needed and it was arranged easily. The donor was available. After few days, I found a change in my body and temperament. I realized that I was reacting on music. Sometimes through tapping my foot on the rhythms and of course enjoying. This change in my attitude made me think that how this sudden interest in music has developed. What is the reason? I doubted that may it be through the transfusion of the blood. I was curious to know. I consulted my doctor and insisted that he finds out who was the blood donor. It was easier to the doctor. He informed me that the blood was donated by a dancer. From that day I was convinced that the music does affect the nervous system.


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