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Drunkard on the death-bed

Abu Basir says that Umme Khalid Abadiya presented herself before Imam Sadiq (A.S) when Abu Basir was also present. Umme Khalid said; "May I be sacrificed for you, on the day of judgment I will tell Allah that I have done as commanded by Jafar ibn Muhammad (A.S). Physicians have told me to knead the flour with grape wine and eat the bread. This will cure the terrible pain of my heart. I ask you, shall I do this?”
Imam Sadiq (A.S) replied to Umme Khalid; "No! By Allah I will not permit you even a drop of wine. Don't taste even a drop of it. Otherwise when your soul reaches here (Imam pointed towards his throat) you will only regret." Then Imam (A.S) asked Umme Khalid thrice.
"Have you understood?"
"Yes", replied Umme Khalid.
A student of Fuzail Ibne Ayaz was on the death-bed. Fuzail came to him, and sitting near his head began to recite Surah Yassin. The disciple told his teacher, "Do not recite the Quran!" Fuzail became silent. Then he began to urge his disciple to repeat "La ilaha illallah". The student said: "I will not repeat this formula because I am disgusted with it!" And he died in the same condition.
Fuzail Ibne Ayaz was extremely perturbed. He returned home after completing his duties and went to sleep. He saw his student undergoing punishment. He asked him, "What is the reason of your being deprived of faith (Imaan) at the time of your death? You were one of my best students."
The student replied: "There are three reasons, firstly, I used to backbite too much, secondly, I used to be jealous, and thirdly, a physician had prescribed for my malady a cup of wine every year. He told me that if I do not drink, the disease will never be cured. Every year I drank one cup of wine." (Safinatun Behaar Vol I, Pg. 428)
(Extract from the book "Greater Sins" by Shaheed DastGhaib)

Derived from: Imam Reza.Network

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