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Human Creation and Fetus Fate in Uterus

Imam Sadigh (A.S) said: Oh Mofazzal, I start my speech with the story of human creation; take heed of that to be successful. First it was planned to cover the fetus in the womb, behind three membranes of darkness: abdomen (pelvic cavity), womb (endometrium), and uterus (amniotic sac), where it is unable to find food or ward off waste and inadmissible. It does not know its interest or loss. Uterine blood (vessels of endometrium) is its food; it is its only food, like water for the plant.

Birth and Child Nutrition
When the creation is complete, its mother feels labor pain, and the severity and difficulty of this pain causes the fetus be thrown out. when he is born (comes out from the tight uterus to the world), his body becomes hard and the skin can adapt to the air, and his eyes can bear the light; and that blood which was his former food, now with new color and smell, flows from his mother’s breasts. It is the most suitable food for the newborn. When a baby is born, he brings out his tongue and turns it around his mouth to ask for food. At this time, he finds mother’s breasts and sucks them as long as his body is fresh, inside is fragile, and organs are soft.
When he starts crawling, he needs hard and nutritious food to strengthen his body. From every side of his mouth, molar teeth grow so that he can chew the food and make it soft to swallow. This situation will continue until he reaches maturity. At this time if a male, hair grows on his face as a sign and dignity of man to be recognized from women and children; and if a female, her face will be clean from hair to give her beauty and freshness to win men’s heart and make human race viable and sustainable.
Oh, Mofazzal, Think well about these stages. Is it possible to have all these policies without a wise being? Do you know if he did not receive enough blood in the womb, he would be dry and wither like a plant without water? Do you know if his mother did not feel labor pain when he was complete in the womb, he would be buried alive in the womb, and if he were unable to bear the milk after birth, he would either starve or be fed with unsuitable or harmful food? If his teeth did not grow on time, he would be unable to chew and swallow the food and always had to drink milk and his body did not gain the strength for work, and his mother could not take care of her other children because of him?

Ref: Quran and Medicine

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