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To Makkah

To Makkah


Jundub was dissatisfied with what he heard. So, he set out for Makkah to know the Prophet.
When the Gheffarian young man arrived in Makkah, the sun was about to set. He went round the Ka'aba, then he sat in a corner of the Holy shrine to take rest and to think about a way to meet the Prophet [s].


It got dark. The Ka'aba became empty of people.

In the meantime, a young man came into the yard of the Holy Mosque. He began going round the Ka'aba.

The young man saw a stranger. He came and asked him politely:

You're a stranger, aren't you?

The Gheffarian answered:


The young man said:

Let's go home.

Jundub was following the young man silently.

In the morning, Jundub thanked the young man for his good hospitality. He saw him off and set out to the Zam Zam well to see the Prophet [s].

The hours passed. Jundub waited till it got dark.

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