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The Meeting

The Meeting

Again the young man came and went round the Ka'aba. He saw the foreign man at his place.

The young man said to Jundub:

Isn't it time to know your house?

"No!" Jundub said.

The young man said to Jundub:

Come with me to the house.


Jundub stood up and went with him to the house, silently. The young man said:

I can see you're thinking, what's your need?

Jundub said carefully:

I'll tell you if you keep it a secret.

I'll keep it a secret if Allah pleases.

Jundub was relieved when he heard Allah's Name. So, he said slowly:

I've heard about the appearance of a Prophet in Makkah and I want to see him.

The young man said with a smile:

Allah has guided you. I'll show you his house. Follow me at a distance. When I see a suspicious person, I'll stop as if to repair my slippers. Then don't stop just go on your way.

The young man went on walking to our Master Muhammad's [s] house. At the same time Jundub was following him.


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