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Sahifa Al-Kamilah

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1.In Praise of God 2509
2.Blessing upon Muhammad and his Household 2548
3.Blessing upon the Bearers of the Throne 2352
4.Blessing upon the Attesters of the Throne 2405
5.His Supplication for himself and his Special Friends 2237
6.His Supplication in the Morning and Evening 2610
7.His Supplication in Worrisome Tasks 2566
8.His Supplication in Seeking Refuge 2394
9.His Supplication in Yearning 2335
10.His Supplication in Seeking Asylum with God 2276
11.His Supplication for Good Outcomes 2146
12.His Supplication in Confession 2133
13.His Supplication in Seeking Needs 1984
14.His Supplication in Acts of Wrongdoing 2381
15.His Supplication When Sick 2172
16.His Supplication in Asking for Release from Sins 5809
17.His Supplication Against Satan 2302
18.His Supplication in Perils 2199
19.His Supplication in Asking for Rain during a Drought 2181
20.His Supplication on Noble Moral Traits 2378
21.His Supplication when Something made him Sorrowful 2716
22.His Supplication in Hardship 2331
23.His Supplication for Well-Being 2320
24.His Supplication for his Parents 2168
25.His Supplication for his Children 2328
31.His Supplication in Repentance 2927
26.His Supplication for his Neighbours and Friends 2093
27.His Supplication for the People of the Frontiers 2277
28.His Supplication in Fleeing 2074
29.His Supplication when his Provision was Stinted 2307
30.His Supplication for Help in Repaying Debt 2261
32.His Supplication in the Night Prayer 2312
33.His Supplication in Asking for the Best 2088
34.His Supplication when Afflicted 2650
35.His Supplication in Satisfaction with the Decree of God 2035
36.His Supplication upon Hearing Thunder 2120
37.His Supplication in Giving Thanks 2027
38.His Supplication in Asking for Pardon 2491
39.His Supplication in Seeking Pardon 2521
40.His Supplication when Death was Mentioned 2429
41.His Supplication in Asking for Covering and Protection 2366
43.His Supplication when he looked at the New Crescent Moon 2973
44.His Supplication for the Coming of the Month of Ramadan 3298
46.His Supplication for the Day of Fast-Breaking and Friday 2341
47.His Supplication on Day of 'Arafa 2683
48.His Supplication on the Day of Sacrifice and Friday 3020
49.His Supplication in Repelling the Trickery of Enemies 2507
50.His Supplication in Fear 2264
51.His Supplication in Pleading and Abasement 2525
52.His Supplication in Imploring God 2386
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