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Al-Miqdad bin al-Aswad

Al-Miqdad bin al-Aswad

In Ramadan, 2 A.H., 313 Muslim fighters went outside Madina to attack a Quraishi trade caravan coming from Shaam. The caravan was very big. It had one thousand camels. Abu Sufyan, the enemy of Islam, led it.
When the Muslims immigrated from Makkah to Madina, the polytheists attacked and robbed their houses.

For this reason, the Prophet [s] wanted to bring back the Muslims' money. Besides he wanted to punish the Quraish. So, he began threatening their trade caravans.


The Muslims camped near Badr wells. They were waiting for the arrival of the caravan. After a period of time, they heard bad news. The news was that Abu Sufyan changed the course of the caravan.


Meanwhile, the Quraish were preparing a big army with good weapons to save the caravan from the Muslims.

The Muslims went out to control the trade caravan. They were not thinking about facing the big army.

Our Master Muhammad [s] asked his companions' opinions.

Umar bin al-Khattab stood up and said:

It's Quraish and its disloyalty (i.e. the Quraish are always disloyal). By Allah! It (the Quraish) has not become abase since it became strong. And it has not believed (in Allah) since it disbelieved (in him).

The Muslims were very worried when they heard Umar's words. Moreover, some of them thought about coming back to Madina.

During those sensitive moments, al-Miqdad bin al-Aswad al-Kindy stood up and said with enthusiasm:

Allah's Apostle, go on obeying Allah's order! We'll support you! By Allah, we won't say as the Jews had said to their prophet: You and your lord, go and fight! We'll stay here! We say: You and your lord, go and fight! We'll fight with you.

Happy expression appeared on our Master Muhammad's face. Then the Prophet [s] said to al-Ansar:

What shall I do?

Saad bin Maadh answered:

Allah's Apostle, we've believed in you, we've believed you. We've confessed that which you you've brought is true. We've promised to hear and obey! Then, Allah's Apostle, go on what you've wanted! By Allah! If you asked us to cross the Red Sea, we would do!

The Muslims were full of enthusiasm. They got ready to face the polytheists with hearts filled with faith.

The fight started. The Muslims won it. Then they came back and remembered al-Miqdad's words.




#1 RE: Al-Miqdad bin al-AswadReda 2013-05-26 13:36
Did they have caravans back then or do you just mean a horse cart or something??:/ and is this a reliable source because I'm researching this truthful companion

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