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The Migration

The Migration

Our Master Muhammad [s] ordered his companions to immigrate to Madina. They immigrated one by one or group by group.


Then Allah, the Glorified, ordered His Apostle to immigrate to Madina.

Al-Miqdad rejoiced at the safety of Allah's Apostle. He admired the Muslim young man Ali bin Abu-Talib [a] who sacrificed his life to save our Master Muhammad [s] from polytheists' swords


When our Master Muhammad [s] immigrated to Madina, the polytheists attacked and robbed the Muslims' houses. So, our Master Muhammad [s] thought about threatening the Quraishi trade caravan as a punishment.

Hamza bin Abdul-Muttalib headed the first company and went towards al-Ays area near the Red Sea. There he met the polytheistic troops headed by Abu Jahal.

No fight took place because some Arab leaders mediated between the two parties.

In Shawwal, 1 A.H., another company went out. The number of the company was sixty fighters. Its aim was to get to Rabgh Valley to threaten the Quraishi trade road between Makkah and Shaam.



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