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In Makkah

In Makkah

Al Miqdad decided to join the polytheistic troops. He took advantage of the condition to immigrate to Madina.

Utbah bin Ghazwan became Muslim secretly. Al-Miqdad headed for him. They agreed on joining the polytheistic troops.

Abu Sufyan led two hundred fighters and headed for Rabgh Valley. There, the polytheists met the Muslim company. The two sides reciprocated arrows.


In the meantime, the polytheists were surprised to see two of their fighters running towards the Muslim company. Besides, they heard the Muslims' yells sounding in the desert:

Allah is great! Allah is great!

Then Abu-Sufyan knew the runaways' names. They were al-Miqdad and Utbah bin Ghazwan.

Abu-Sufyan was full of spite. He ordered his fighters to come back to Makkah. He was afraid that there might be secret Muslims among his fighters.



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