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Battle of Badr

Battle of Badr

Near Badr wells, the Muslims heard that the polytheists would form an army. Besides Abu Jahal led the army.
Our Master Muhammad [s] asked his companions' opinions. Some companions advised him to come back to Madina. Meanwhile the Muslims were very worried.


During those moments, al-Miqdad stood up and said enthusiastic words. The words made the Muslims full of faith.


When the fight broke out, the Muslims fought bravely. In the meantime, our Master Muhammad [s] asked Allah to grant His believing slaves a victory. After only a few hours, the Muslims could defeat the polytheists.


Allah took revenge on Abu Jahal and Umayyah bin Khulaif, for they had tortured the Muslims. Besides, the Muslims captured some polytheists, such as al-Nadhar bin al-Harith, Akabah bin Abu-Myad, and others.

Al-Miqdad captured al-Nadhar bin al-Harith.

The Muslims took the prisoners of war and headed for Madina. When they reached al-Atheel area, the Prophet [s] ordered a Muslim to kill al-Nadhar bin al-Harith.

Al-Nadhar bin al-Harith had tortured the Muslims in Makkah. So, the Muslims prayed for Allah to save them from him.

For this reason, Allah's Apostle ordered Ali bin Abu Talib [a], the hero of Islam, to kill al-Nadhar bin al-Harith to save the deprived Muslims from his torture.

Al-Miqdad said.

Allah's Apostle, he's my prisoner!

The Prophet [s] knew that al-Miqdad wanted ransom. So, he raised his hands towards the sky and said:

Allah make al-Miqdad rich with your favour!

Al-Miqdad became satisfied with the prophet's prayers. So, he handed the enemy of Islam and of humanity to the Muslims to punish him.

The Prophet [s] asked his companions to treat the prisoners of war kindly. Besides he released some prisoners without ransom because they were poor. And he asked the prisoners who could read and write to teach the Muslims' children as ransom.



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