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The Battle of Uhud

The Battle of Uhud

After their defeat at the Battle of Badr, the polytheists decided to take revenge on the Muslims. So, they formed a big army. The number of the army was three thousand fighters.
The polytheists advanced towards Madina. When they reached it, they left their camels and horses to graze on its pastures. They did that to challenge the Muslims.


The Prophet [s] asked the advice of his companions. Some companions advised him to stay at Madina, and some advised him to go out of it. The Muslim young men were eager to start the battle outside Madina. So, the Prophet [s] decided to go out of Madina.

The Muslim army got to Uhud Mount. There, the Prophet [s] prepared his troops to start the battle.

The Prophet [s] ordered the best fifty bow men to stay on al-Ainain Mount, a small mountain, to guard the Muslims from the back.

When the battle broke out, the polytheists horsemen tried to attack the Muslims from the back. So, the bow men faced them, stopped their attack, and forced them to withdraw. The polytheists tried three times, but they failed because the Muslim horsemen headed by al-Miqdad faced their attack and fought them bravely.


The polytheists headed by Khalid bin al-Waleed came back to their positions.

During those moments, the Prophet [s] ordered the Muslims to launch an opposite attack to drop the polytheists' banner to weaken their spirits.

Strong fights took place around the banner. When the banner dropped from a fighter's hand, another raised it.

Finally, the banner dropped. So, the Muslims defeated the polytheists. The polytheists ran away. Their idol fell off the camel.

The bow men saw the polytheists running away. And they saw their Muslim brothers chasing them and collecting booty. They came down the mountain. Their leader reminded them of our Master Muhammad's advice, but they said:

The polytheists have run away There's no need to stay

During that moment Khalid bin al-Waleed and his horsemen launched a severe attack. So, the remaining bow men could not resist the attack.

The polytheist horsemen took the Muslims by surprise. Hence, the Muslims were in chaos. In the meantime, some Muslims were killed and others were wounded.

When the polytheists saw the Muslims' chaotic condition, they came back and carried their banner. So, the Muslim Army was between two forces. The horsemen were at their back, and the infantry were in front of them.

The polytheists tried to kill our Master Muhammad [s] to destroy Islam totally. But the sincere companions such as Ali bin Abu-Talib [a], al-Miqdad, alZubair, Mus'ab bin Umair, Abu-Dujana al-Ansary, Sahal bin Hunaif and others resisted the polytheists bravely. They defended the Prophet [s] against them.

Our Master Muhammad [s] decided to withdraw his troops to Uhud Mount to defend themselves against the polytheists easily. While the Prophet [s] and his troops were withdrawing, they fought the polytheists till they reached Uhud heights. So, after a while, the polytheists stopped their attacks.



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