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Hamraa al-Asad

Hamraa al-Asad

Though wounded, the Muslims obeyed and supported the great Prophet [s]. So, he took them and headed for a place called Hamraa al-Asad.


The Jews were surprised to see the Muslims going with enthusiasm to face the polytheists army a day after the battle of Uhud.

The polytheists thought about attacking Madina again to destroy Islam completely. So, Abu-Sufyan had camped at al- Rouhaa.


Abu-Sufyan heard about the Muslim Army's coming. He was worried, for he knew that the Muslims' defeat was because of the bow men's neglect. So, he withdrew his fighters to Makkah. He tried to frighten the Muslims. Thus, he sent them his threats to Hamraa al-Asad.

The Muslims did not pay attention to his threats. They went on camping at Hamraa al-Asad for three days. They were burning fire at night to challenge the polytheists.

Abu-Sufyan was afraid. So, he ordered his troops to withdraw to Makkah.

Thus, our Master Muhammad [a] could restore Islam to its former reputation in the Arab Peninsula.


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